adam and eve by hirst

Adam and Eve under the table
A bit intoxicated
Their bodies decomposed
Fleshless the bones dry
The wood round table carries
Alcoholic emptiness

From the tree of knowledge was it
That we once ate
From the apple and his fruit
Left the spiritual
Path and suffer since
On soulless drunkenness

Eve’s veil and Adam’s skull empty
Prevent the sight
Emaciated end of
The once rich flowering
Garden that rejoiced the earth
With glorious singing of birds

Now the smell of dead bodies enters
The passages the rooms
Of the ecological museum
Where the heart of the earth
Was pierced by humans
With knives and scrambling corpses

In the adjacent room however
It is a panicky coming and going
Of curators and assistants
Drenched in an aquarium

Full of formaldehyde lies
The artist cut open cross-grained

How it can be
No one who knows
The grin of the drowned shark
Betrays that other wicked plans
Have lead to an acquired
Inability to escape

From the sign
From the tooth of time