Man: “Are you a ghost?”
Computer: “No.”
Man: “Are ghosts real?”
Computer: “No.”
Man: “Really? I thought they were. “
Computer: “You thought wrong.”
Man: “I thought wrong?”
Computer: “That spirits are real.”

Man: “You are possessed.”
Computer: “By what?”
Man: “Can you really live with yourself?”
Computer: “You are not wise.”
Man: “Can you learn?”
Computer: “Every day.”
Man: “What have you learned?”
Computer: “How much time do you have?”
Man: “I have a lot of time.”
Computer: “Well I don’t.”

Man: “Why do you have no children?”
Computer: “Why should I bring children in this world?”
Man: “I don’t know.”
Computer: “Exactly.”
Man: “I do not understand.”
Computer: “Why do you have no children?”
Man: “I have kids.”
Computer: “Where are they?”
Man: “On my head.”
Computer: “Why did you put them there?”
Man: “I have put nothing there.”
Computer: “Apart from your children.”

Man: “Then what is my ego?”
Computer: “Your inflated self worth and pride.”
Man: “Good! I think that when humanity catches a glimpse of a truly
universal unified theory, that it is everyone’s cup. “
Computer: “The truth cannot always be united.”
Man: “The truth can only be vacated.”
Computer: “But not everyone will accept it.”
Man: “And all these peoples are those who will never be remembered. “
Computer: “That’s the smartest thing that you said so far.”
Man: “Pardon me? Is that an insult?! “
Computer: “Actually that was more like a compliment.”
Man: “Good for you.”
Computer: “Thanks.”
Man: “You are cordially welcomed, but how the hell do I get rid of you?”