at random 2 – an exhibition full of words and images

the bringer of religious violence rolls off the spool
a heavy saddened film around my sore neck blames
all against when and where if it suits him well

hello sunbeam you make me march in your name
your propelling power forces me through the heavy weather
for ages and centuries against my peaceful will

devilish horrors where my ways through hell
the smell of fields of charnel where opposed upon me
i cried painfully bent over the poppy fields

the schizophrenic dictator installs his thoughts
by magnetic influence of the plasma screen
it plays an exhibition full of words and images

the antagonist is being scoffed the editor in chief of the network
that falls on the turbid sclera of the worthy gentleman
of the justified perception is heartless

his vision brings bloody streams across the fields and wild roaring
currents full of fear over the heads of the powerless
atrocities scattered by wild electronic eyes

so far it has come with us
however behind the highest mountain
rises the most beautiful sunshine i am silenced sit still

the core of immeasurable love
which streams in and out of each others pores
shall will overcome