The shortcut of clean science remains limited for
The players of polluted factories that sing of our fate
Until the realm of affection looks like remnants of
Demolition works without any exception patterns behave
And audio tapes that masters stress by themes
Of criminal religions of fearful communities with
Tight-fitting gloves full of hope things like faith

The perception of the observed and of the observer [the trinity]
Affect the brains of enstranged earthlings but related and
Honored members tumble over expired marble sculptures
Where the drivers of the bewilderment of the herd hold the
Voters hostage with the suspect to murder the free will
They sneak into areas not previously entered where
The innocent children of the empire play virtual battles
But the real empire whispers loud with bombs in downward fall

The only profit we make is trapped in the way and
The economy of nature never reveals the true source of
The powers which are constructed by greed and lies
Located in mouths of hungry wolves who laugh at
The peaceful lee of the powerless that do nothing
Gold is being forged for bankers when we live
Waiting for the rising sun while the horizon fades that
Secret agents observe grinning in this mirror of water