Some few things do not end
Before they start budding in origin
See the dawn indifferent to the
Afterglow it shines on the glassy glaciers
It has left the running past the desire
Of having the possession of the rash
Access of mine am not possessed by the one and
Only power of the wire left and so redeemed
The reminder of future images it’s
Counterweight so heavily taxed the iron rig
The peace of the back bent is now illuminated
A dirt road full of diamonds a stream of
Thoughts come from leaving the heavenly haven
Unmoved the throne a possessed and noble
Stone rolls with and by gravitational forces is
Stranded on the border between past and present
The light of shades in three famous figures to
Pierce them means to spiral the calculating sums
Who join resplendent within the crystal rotating of
Symmetry and translates all into a regular form