The deep state is a global network of multi-nationals
Of central banking espionage murder war it’s
Mercenaries perform destabilisation campaigns
Of blackmail and extortion

With child abuse and human trafficking
Of drug running
Of weaponry assaults
It’s money laundering it’s corruption

At the highest levels within society
The NSA is spying at you
Deep state controls the media
It controls the 17 intelligence agencies

The deep state controls all the distribution lines
Of the aforementioned agencies
Of the coaxial cable communication lines of
Espionage spying and the surveillance state

It’s apparatus and it’s infrastructure
These agencies are all built on
The British model of intelligence
It’s divided and highly compartmentalised

It’s levels function as a step pyramid model of authority
The monarch reigns is the top stone
How this plays out is anyone’s guess
These psychopaths are just the facade of

Rogue elements of the deep state they will not go quietly
If not dealt with now they’ll disappear only to resurface
At a later date with one objective only
Creating mayhem that’s what they like

It’s those selected highly compartmentalised
Criminal pure evil rogue elements
At the deep state top that have had control
Since all president’s men executions and have entrenched

Themselves for ages and refused to relinquish control
It’s the black hats versus the white hats
It’s economic oligarch criminal dynasties
These must fall and we should refuse them

It’s enlightened humanity what’s at stake