TiMeWRiTeR MMXV [2015] cover

Poetry e-book, 91 pages, English, PDF Download only. 175 kb.

Timewriter MMXV [2015] is the English, self translated, version of my first Dutch poetry bundle Tijdschrijver MMX [2010].

In this English version, the same poetry about creation, destruction, love gained, lost and found, about war and peace, man and machine, salvation and despair.

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New, different, confusing, layer upon and within layer and layer and layer.

Poetry like this you most probably never ever read before [in this quantum world].

One poem to get a taste of it…


How colorful life can be
How the diligent urge to create
Is crossed by the deepest
Red yellow and blue
The intense fires that stream
Underneath they have the will
To pierce through to lay open
The core of being to
Follow in his footsteps till
The doors of perception
Cleanse and open the window:
Man heroic sublime