The hyper-reality which plays for consumer
Elevates the imperative of the unscrupulous
The principle of causality of causes
The meaning of fate without jurisdiction
And the beneficial crushing of old ideals
By storms that rise higher and higher over the top

The Kantian movements which are immanent by
The relative of the irreversible spectacle that
Everyone – especially the mode’s keeper – can
Confirm in the daily hypothesis which crosses
Runs counter to the correct behavior of ethicists
It is recommended to uninstall any uncertainty

We all have to do with meta comparisons
The measure of things the deterministic relationships
Those marks on the wall of desire and
In doing so an implosion triggers fields
Of radiation and the magnetic attractions
[In] differential attitude of the fantastic customer

Who pleas himself free while shrugging from all
Meanings of forms that ever really mattered
We are standing for openings of millions of doors
And flags and banners begin to fly
All those rings that people ever carried are being
Melted and the girl with the ponytail laughs

Out loud

Her eyes she opens them in a synergetic way