the global elites believe the earth belongs to them

the rest of us are useless eaters

cattle who must be culled in

a new order to save the planet for themselves


there are not that many elites

several million thousands perhaps

but they appear to

hold all the cards


that is what they want you

to believe the truth

is as long as

they control the narrative


they maintain control of

the levers of power

keeping the matrix going

they manage all this


through fear and mind control

with the help of a complicit

corporate media

most of whom do not realize


that they will not survive the cull

if only the individual human being

could start to think critically

centering reality around


their local community

adopting a service to others mentality

and start to internalize and rationalize

events rather than externalizing them


they would soon remove the fear factor

this approach will be necessary to set

humanity on the path to a different future

which is what the awakened population is striving for