at random 1 – the legacy in the landscape

the legacy in the landscape houses the soul so profound in its affection
it processes the data from the meandering rivers that grind mountains
the overlooking and the descent and the drenching of its skin in shimmering silver
satin the ocean focuses from within and in its wake cleave the fish the waves
of the languages of the dancers the swaying hips words full of comfort and

they follow the spun yarn of the craft of operation
and the echo of the dream of the flower picking girl who in
sight of the troubled star gives life to the area of resonance
it anticipates to the line waiting for currents of increasing linguistics
in infinite variations it sounds it clatters it bends all

the births of manifestations to fulfill the satisfaction
of the profits of the fall of the corridor and down the water flows it fills
the empty valley energetically without beginning without end
reaches the goal of life is drinking it binds all logical
interpretations of the liberal thought within the deepest breathing