abstract and minimalistic photographs made in a variety of times and places

Of all the kinds of photography that exist [portrait, fashion, landscape etc etc…], maybe I like abstract photography the most. OK that’s not completely true, too much of an omnivore I am, but I just love how the abstract works on my eyesight [and I wish yours too].

I love to just wonder ’round town, through tiny villages, pretty nature and see something special that catches my photographic eye. Like the first picture here, which I made in the village of Oia [or Ia], Santorini, Greece. Just a little stairs in brown and a black shadow covering it gracefully and graphically. I personally think it is one of my best photographs ever, also when you consider these stairs to be very small and you will pass by it in a split second, if you are not aware of your environment. 99% of the people would not even see it, or see the photographic power of the image at hand.

Many of the pics in this overview here have been made like that. Passing by, seeing a detail [tiny tiny!!], compose and push the shutter release. Not very difficult at all, but if you do not see the quality of an possible image in front of you, you might as well become a clam digger. Which is a respectable job as well. But I am a vegetarian.

So these photographs here are all about graphics. A photograph is a flat surface anyway and is two dimensional. And this selection here is about unreal or surreal too. Some shots I made as basic as it can get and then I start to fuck it up within Photoshop. Layer after layer of extra [dis]information I lay upon the original image and then suddenly the three candles turn into something else. They become “Three Wise Men Dressed in Blue” .Or dressed in Red or in Yellow. Or solarized. Or all together in harmony, so the original photograph turns into “The United Colors of Three Wise Men”. That looks even more different than anything you have seen before in life.

Ice draperies in wintertime become undefinable as well. The Icy Underground no 1, no 2, no 3 or no 4. Seems like drawings to me. When I show them to others, most haven’t got any clue what they are about [without knowing the title off course]. Funny thing is I already can see the images in front of me before the extra photo shopping; how exiting they can turn out after I will add the extra layers. Love them Nik software filters!!

I can find images like that anywhere, within all kinds of subjects. Streets, bridges, traffic lights, a vase, roof, a wall, an empty grave, glass works on a bar [with some foam resting on top of it]. So simple, so effective. Less is more. A detail of a Soll LeWitt installation / painting. So you understand this is conceptual and minimalism working. I am influenced by Zero. Sometimes I am a photographic Zen master. Wish I become like that all day long; 24 hours a day.

Some shots are mistakes, just made them wrong with too low or too much light. Hasty, but happy mistakes these are, for then you can experiment and see if you can make something good out of bad. Just making the photograph more satisfied, so it is not lost within my archive or deleted immediately into oblivion. And the basket deletes all in safe mode, so there is no chance of resurrection from the grave.

All these enlightened works… that would be a good title for a book upon abstract and minimal photography. 100 – 150 photographs more to go for a big photo book about all these abstract works of art.

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