[rene magritte the lovers [1928]]

at the entrance to the sea vibrates a comforting beating heart

the soft night wind plays free jazz in shine and sparkling copper

silver seagulls float scattered above the black ribbon of water

the intimate kissing of each other on the quay of the sea harbor

the fiery stream of the lovers dives dizzying deep and

from single egged frankness and cuddling seeds it flows it streams

royal the blood through eight muscled rooms of congenial nature

the vortical beam who ignites voluntary our worldly tasks

the vertebrate animal breathes in the immeasurable vitality in each cell

and the considerable complicated motive declares to the

melodious crowd who embraces all worldly affairs

these are the operations which are dedicated to everyone

the midnight hour strikes – so is her darkened task – it imagines

magical realistic paintings playful vines bubbles egg yolks

opened pupils in which the life is reflected of earlier

inhabitants who loved above all the stream that lead to the


who are you?

i am the man with that single finger

who manifests