at random 3 – the cut facets of the highest omniscience

the [no][some]thing object awakens within the urge of introspection it unleashes the turning the ideas are well
thought of the experiencing of wholeness is factually before the performances as if it were true feelings that
individuals experience electro-graphically in coherence without separate existence of the unique personification
all give to each other the fullest fulfillment in donating relaxed togetherness within polite witticisms

am self in the being am the denomination of the progress to self inquiry am the awakening of the reflection
am the universe am the individual the us the self the whole of humanity the past the future the space am it now
am no fraud no illusion am this wholeness this something this is the playground of the see through am the recognition of the
connection am at rest awaken willingly in the system which is preceded by the source of the paradigm

am the self through and through in the element of the singular being am the one individual being in the self is the awareness
of the world am that person who embraces all the happiness resist myself not against all everything am everywhere am the
showing of the sight am the echo of the optical being am the affiliated am no proposition before am a one a circle course
to be in the being this means always to become to that-which-is discover awaken blossom in love live! live! live!

the locality is bound and the rhizome pierces the enlightened skin underground it sees through thoroughly its nature and
continues the whole of all cut facets in united aspects am the greatest experience self [us we] and go forth my way
investigate the convictions of the meaning of the origin the binding the earthen of my kind am the establishing of
experiences within the landscape am the individual the radiating example of the visible urge from the exposing well

my being is not alone and the question of the reality of the highest omniscience in all its mirroring forms is no deceit
loose my own illusion am the grain which sprouts above the soil from the root that comes together in the same world
am in the fulfillment of giving an example am the beaming impression of simplicity which originates when i gaze in the mirror
of the enlightened ocean which penetrates forward as that appearance of the beginning-end-beginning and my self awareness