Ivan's Childhood07

[still from ivan’s childhood by andrei tarkovsky [1962]]

The speaking of the printed space in the corner lie inverted words
Testimonials befit they bear witness from the minds of the
Constructed economy of materials the mental architecture
Of forests of stone and iron and cybernetic factories
Woven by unknown agents who agitate as dark clouds tangle
Of hail and snow in the evening the storm red flashes the clouds

Postage meters imprint bar codes on foreheads of the
Willing the rates and the conditions that leads to people
Who allow the needles to deprive dishonor slavishly and unlovingly
Exhausted they gaze the shaving low over concrete and steel furnaces
The consumer of the polluted monster of the renegaded media
That only projects the drinking of the poison and the body degenerates

Similarly does the world the true nature lost the mined silence
The belief in the hour of death is near see the road ahead of me in me
The twirling of the path it unfolds low because the smiling girl
– She is innocence itself – runs for the rising water it hampers
The sight on thin kites the renewed acquaintance with faith

Just remember that to believe in anything is for ignorant people only
It’s all ready and common and does not believe in ignorance and knows
Reasonably that all is [not] known the ignorance reflects innocence
Itself and that double gravitational forces are offered thanks to
Centrifugal tempting motives the thunder the working of fears
Encourage the trains come with us come with us come with us

Hold on please stand by the earth it shakes thundering pianos pi años
[In]finite years the [not] guilty gamma rays our halos our halos all
Around us through us the lighting effects of the unlimited
Truth that magnetically designates the ways and the lust and
The virtues together they fly to the fleeing girl on the rise by

Winged steeds the apples fall from the drawn cart she turns herself

She shines her teeth naked
Pearl laugh oh pearl laugh