The pistol slingers crack loose
The oil robbers steal loose
The earth proles lie loose
The greenback makers print loose

And with eyes in full bloom
The heartless bandits ordered
Buildings came raving
Down in free fall

How tragic the images were
From two glass grey towers people
Jumped when mournful alive and kicking they
Fell and blew their last breath

What kind of poetry gives depth
On the news about the
Imaginary and last destination
Of the earths’ prophet

No and then
The holy persons swear
Healing prayers detonate like bombs
Out of their heartless souls

The steel burned
Like fleas that’s the way they jumped up and down
The whole day from dusk till dawn
The world lay in chains to the screen in shock

Condolences rice fields
Were standing blackened and blazed

Where georgic bushes and bandits
Riff-Raff betrayed the masses with jubilation

And they cheered at him
Retarded words of shit smeared upon
The book printed experiences untrue
The type-founder melted the steel of lies

With eyes open we read the new order
The rattling chains of slaves that were bound round
Our ankles and were not put loose the printed lies
Gave way for the truth of the second desert storm

Yes and then
Shot the ruthless
With canons the meat into pieces
The barrels smelled like bitter gunpowder

Do not read drop the words
The republican fleet steams up triumphantly
And blazes loose and cheerfully
Throw your slender legs up in the air and escape

From the stairs the cracks sound hollow
Empty the eyes the glass broken the mother is falling
The youngest child in the released baby carriage
Rolls towards the lowest stone fully amazed

Which poems gave depth
To the gruesome news
About the imaginary final destination
Of the Earth’s prophet